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Cycle Holidays Ireland

Welcome to Cycle Holidays Ireland.

The experienced local bike tour operator based here in the West of Ireland  2022 .

Over the past 22 years we have dedicated ourselves to the development and constant improvement of this fully guided bike tour in our own region.  Immerse yourself in views of the Atlantic coast of Western Ireland. Bookings for 2022 are going well but we still have 14 places available.
By securing the services of an experienced local operator you are assured of a tried and tested superbly crafted tour in the company of local Irish guides and a choice of  a top of the range Cannondale bicycle or Bosh electric assist bike. Whether you are a strong rider or a novice we want you to experience all of the tour at your ease. Thanks our unique support system you dictate the distance and pace you ride each day. The seamless integration and personalisation of this support is the cornerstone of our tour and is the direct result of over two decades of fine tuning. Enjoy your ramble through the website. 

I’ve also featured lvideo of the tour to give you a feel for the beauty of the West of Ireland. The Atlantic coastline is my office and I just want to show it off at its best. That will continue when you get here. I will often depart from the normal schedule of events if I think a certain view will look spectacular due to a specific weather condition or sunset.

If there is a chance of a spectacular sunset over the Cliffs of Moher or Galway Bay we are all into the support buses to capture that special moment from the best vantage point. Take a quick look at the video. It will give you a quick overview of the tour, the Irish countryside and many of the historical sites you will visit while on the tour. All the best for now, 

John Heagney